Manchester Library Teachmeet

This is part of the North West Academic Libraries Continuing Professional Development series.

If you missed the Liverpool Teachmeet that took place in the summer, then here is another chance to come and share your experiences of teaching as a librarian and listen to others in a friendly environment with an opportunity to chat and meet other librarians.

Teachmeets are about sharing experience so please volunteer to present there are 5 minute and 10 minute presentation slots available. Examples of titles are

Effective assessment: a tough nut to crack (Kaye, Huddersfield)
Keeping the attention of your audience (Anne-Mary, Huddersfield)
Resource Discovery: two worlds colliding (Chris Keene, Brighton)
Using Skype with media students (Sarah Ison, Brighton)
Livening up library induction sessions the low tech way (Lucy Keating, Newcastle)
Lunching with Renoir: demonstrating why wikis should be more than just content (Linda Crane, Liverpool)
Library posters: engaging your students (Liz Osman, Cambridge)
Debunking the myth of the Google generation (Nicky Adkins, Cambridge)

There will be refreshments and lunch  provided.


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